Pickerington Schools Fan Code of Conduct

  • Panthers vs. Tigers football game

  • All Fans are Guests of the Pickerington Schools, and shall at all time abide by the following expectations that have been established regarding Fan conduct.  Consequences for Guests who do not adhere to this Code of Conduct may include,  but  are  not  limited  to:  seat relocation,  loss  of ticket  buying  privileges,  ejection  from  the  facility without  refund,  letter  of  warning,  and/or arrest.

    Guests who are students in the Pickerington Schools are also advised that their conduct is at all times governed by the Pickerington Schools Student Code of Conduct (Pickerington Schools Policy 5500, and each respective school’s Code of Conduct as stated in Student Handbooks for each school).  In addition to the aforementioned consequences for violating this Code of Conduct, students of the Pickerington Schools who violate the Fan Code of Conduct may also be disciplined in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, including suspension and/or expulsion from school.

    • Guests should  be  a  positive  role  model  for  those  around.  Guests  will  expect  and  encourage  good displays  of  sportsmanship  from  fellow  fans.
    • Guests should  conduct  themselves  in  a  manner  that  represents  their  school,  their  Conference,  and  the OHSAA  with  honor,  dignity, and respect.
    • Guests should  cheer  positively for  their  team  and  refrain  from  taunting,  threatening,  vulgar,  abusive, racist,  sexist,  or  demeaning  remarks  or  gestures  directed  towards  the  coaches,  student-athletes,  fans, staff  and  game officials.
    • Guests should respect all facility regulations.
    • Guests should  sit  only  in  their  ticketed  seats  and  show  their  tickets  when  requested,  should  not  stand on  seats,  should  not  stand  in  the  aisles,  should  not  enter  the  playing  area  and  should  not  throw  any items  onto  the  playing area.
    • Guests should  follow  all  local,  state,  or  federal  laws  and  will  follow  the  instructions  of  event staff.
    • Guests appearing  intoxicated,  inebriated  or  showing  other  signs  of  impairment  related  to  alcohol consumption  or  drug  use  may  be  denied  entry  and  may  be  subject  to ejection.   Intervention with  an intoxicated  or  impaired  guest  will  be  handled  in  a  prompt  and  safe  manner.
    • Guests should wear clothing without obscene or indecent messages. Guests  will  remove  or  cover  up such  clothing  deemed  offensive  or  obscene  upon request.
    • Guests should  be  responsible  for  their  own  conduct  and  the  conduct  of others  who  use  their tickets.